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Ningbo SaiRe Machinery Manufacture Co ., Ltd (Original Name:Ningbo  DeCheng  Auto parts Factory ) is a manufacturer of custom Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting parts for Automotive, Electrical, Agricultural, Home Appliance, Hardware, Furniture,etc.
After 10 years development ,SaiRe have established an efficient integrated production system that incorporates mould design, mould making, engineering, die-casting, finishing, machining, and assembly operation using just-in-time production methods to provide our customers with quality parts at a competitive price and a punctual delivery. Our expertise is highly valued by all of our customers who have recognized SaiRe with Quality, Delivery and Productivity improvement awards. Our key customers are Mann+Hummel,Sofima,Sakura,Britpart,Jumpsource, sugita-ace,etc.
As to the question of the customers` requests and wants, it is important that business organizations plan and develop products that are ahead of customer`s needs by close analysis and width of vision.
To ensure the high quality products, SaiRe is certified ISO/TS 16949:2009 and is promoting innovation as it aims to become the leading company of the industry. We are keeping this challenge alive, and encouraing all our personnel to develop their skills in die casting, and at the same time, to cultivate the trust and support of our valued customers. 
宁波市赛尔机械制造有限公司(宁波市北仑区小港德诚汽配厂)专业生产汽车、电器、农机、家电、五金器具等压铸配件。经过10年的发展,公司已经形成了从模具设计及制造、压铸、表面处理、机械加工到组装高效的生产体系。并用适时的生产方法提供给客人质优价廉的产品。我们在此行业的专长已得到客人的高度评价并长期合作,公司的主要客户为:长春曼•胡默尔富奥滤清器有限公司、樱花卫厨(中国)股份有限公司 ,河南新乡平原滤清器公司、河南新乡天禄工业有限公司,邯郸市汇力石油泵业有限公司,浙江海德曼过滤技术有限公司,泉州丰业等著名企业。
企业一直不断加强自身建设,完善内部管理,并且已通过TS16949质量管理体系认证.以“质量求生存”,“诚信立市场”, “长期服务”是企业经营理念和服务宗旨,力争价格合理,使客户满意.竭诚欢迎国内外新老客户惠顾,本企业将与您携手合作,共同双赢,共创辉煌.
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